A framework for community interactions under climate change

Author: Gilman, S.E.; Urban, M.C.; Tewksbury, J.; Gilchrist, G.W.; Holt, R.D.

Description: Predicting the impacts of climate change on species is one of the biggest challenges that ecologists face. Predictions routinely focus on the direct effects of climate change on individual species, yet interactions between species can strongly influence how climate change affects organisms at every scale by altering their individual fitness, geographic ranges and the structure and dynamics of their community. Failure to incorporate these interactions limits the ability to predict responses of species to climate change. We propose a framework based on ideas from global-change biology, community ecology, and invasion biology that uses community modules to assess how species interactions shape responses to climate change.

Subject Headings: Animals; Behavior, Animal; Climate Change; Demography; Ecosystem; Human Activities; Models, Biological

Publication year: 2010

Journal or book title: Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Volume: 25

Issue: 6

Pages: 325-331

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