Holocene climatic instability: A prominent, widespread event 8200 yr ago

Author: Alley, R. B.; Mayewski, P. A.; Sowers, T.; Stuiver, M.; Taylor, K. C. & Clark, P. U.

Description: The most prominent Holocene climatic event in Greenland ice-core proxies, with approximately half the amplitude of the Younger Dryas, occurred sim8000 to 8400 yr ago. This Holocene event affected regions well beyond the North Atlantic basin, as shown by synchronous increases in windblown chemical indicators together with a significant decrease in methane. Widespread proxy records from the tropics to the north polar regions show a short-lived cool, dry, or windy event of similar age. The spatial pattern of terrestrial and marine changes is similar to that of the Younger Dryas event, suggesting a role for North Atlantic thermohaline circulation. Possible forcings identified thus far for this Holocene event are small, consistent with recent model results indicating high sensitivity and strong linkages in the climatic system.

Subject headings: Climate change; Holocene; North Atlantic; Thermohaline

Publication year: 1997

Journal or book title: Geology

Volume: 25

Issue: 6

Pages: 483–486

Find the full text: https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/gsa/geology/article-abstract/25/6/483/206648/Holocene-climatic-instability-A-prominent?redirectedFrom=PDF

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Type: Journal article

Serial number: 3081

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