Listening in on bacteria: acyl-homoserine lactone signalling

Author: Fuqua, C.; Greenberg, E.P.

Description: Bacterial cell-to-cell signalling has emerged as a new area in microbiology. Individual bacterial cells communicate with each other and co-ordinate group activities. Although a lot of detail is known about the mechanisms of a few well-characterized bacterial communication systems, other systems have been discovered only recently. Bacterial intercellular communication has become a target for the development of new anti-virulence drugs.

Subject headings: 4-Butyrolactone/analogs & derivatives/biosynthesis/chemistry/metabolism; Animals; Bacteria/cytology/enzymology/metabolism/pathogenicity; Biofilms; Bioterrorism; Luminescent Measurements; Repressor Proteins/chemistry/genetics/metabolism; Signal Transduction; Symbiosis; Trans-Activators/chemistry/genetics/metabolism

Publication year: 2002

Journal or book title: Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology

Volume: 3

Issue: 9

Pages: 685-695

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Type: Journal Article

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