Pd-catalyzed carboetherification of beta,gamma-unsaturated oximes: a novel approach to Delta2-isoxazolines

Author: Jiang, D.; Peng, J.; Chen, Y.

Description: A novel route to the synthesis of Delta2-isoxazoline derivatives is described. Reaction of beta,gamma-unsaturated oximes with aryl bromides via palladium-catalyzed carboetherification affords 3,5-disubstituted Delta2-isoxazolines in good yields. The use of Xantphos as ligand is crucial for the transformation. The carboetherification products can be further converted to beta-hydroxy ketones in the presence of Fe powder and NH4Cl.

Subject headings: Catalysis; Isoxazoles/chemical synthesis/chemistry; Molecular Structure; Oximes/chemistry; Palladium/chemistry; Delta2-isoxazoline

Publication year: 2008

Journal or book title: Organic Letters

Volume: 10

Issue: 9

Pages: 1695-1698

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