Mutations in a temperate bacteriophage affecting its ability to lysogenize Escherichia coli

Author: Kaiser, A.D.

Description: Forty independently occurring clear plaque-forming mutants of A have been isolated. Among them three different phenotypes can be recognized. Crosses between mutants indicate that all of the mutant loci are closely linked to one another, occupying a segment of the A linkage group which is about of the total known genetic length. More detailed mapping reveals that the mutant loci fall into three adjacent regions, one for each phenotype.

Mixed infection with a pair of phenotypically different mutants, each of which lysogenizes very poorly or not at all, produces the high frequency of lysogenization characteristic of infection with wild type. This phenomenon is called cooperation. The bacteria surviving such a mixed infection are lysogenic either for one or both of the infecting types of phages. Two non-allelic clear mutations having the same phenotypic expression show a cis-trans position effect in lysogenization.

The kinetics of cooperation suggest the existence of an intermediate state in lysogenization.

Subject headings: Bacteriophages; Escherichia coli/metabolism; Bacteriophage; ESCHERICHIA COLI/metabolism

Publication year: 1957

Journal or book title: Virology

Volume: 3

Issue: 1

Pages: 42-61

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Serial number: 207