Pathogenic Escherichia coli

Author: Kaper, James B.; Nataro, James P.; Mobley, Harry L.

Description: Few microorganisms are as versatile as Escherichia coli. An important member of the normal intestinal microflora of humans and other mammals, E. coli has also been widely exploited as a cloning host in recombinant DNA technology. But E. coli is more than just a laboratory workhorse or harmless intestinal inhabitant; it can also be a highly versatile, and frequently deadly, pathogen. Several different E. coli strains cause diverse intestinal and extraintestinal diseases by means of virulence factors that affect a wide range of cellular processes.

Subject headings: Animals; Bacterial Adhesion; Diarrhea; Escherichia coli; Gene Expression Regulation; Bacterial; Humans; Meningitis; Bacterial; Shiga Toxins; Urinary Tract Infections; Virulence Factors; E Coli

Publication year: 2004

Journal or book title: Nature Reviews. Microbiology

Volume: 2

Issue: 2

Pages: 123-140

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