Vaccine hesitancy: an overview

Author: Dube, Eve; Laberge, Caroline; Guay, Maryse; Bramadat, Paul; Roy, Real; Bettinger, Julie

Description: Despite being recognized as one of the most successful public health measures, vaccination is perceived as unsafe and unnecessary by a growing number of individuals. Lack of confidence in vaccines is now considered a threat to the success of vaccination programs. Vaccine hesitancy is believed to be responsible for decreasing vaccine coverage and an increasing risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and epidemics. This review provides an overview of the phenomenon of vaccine hesitancy. First, we will characterize vaccine hesitancy and suggest the possible causes of the apparent increase in vaccine hesitancy in the developed world. Then we will look at determinants of individual decision-making about vaccination.

Subject headings: Communicable Diseases; Health Knowledge; Attitudes; Practice; Humans; Patient Acceptance of Health Care; Risk Assessment; Vaccination; Vaccines; Decision-making; Psychosocial factors; Review; Socio-cultural factors; Vaccine-hesitancy

Publication year: 2013

Journal or book title: Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

Volume: 9

Issue: 8

Pages: 1763-1773

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