The histochemical localization of cholinesterases in the central nervous system of the rat

Author: Koelle, G.B.

Description: There is now a considerable amount of data to support the hypothesis that cholinergic transmission occurs at certain synapses in the central nervous system. One line of evidence is based upon the parallelism found between known cholinergic neurons of the peripheral nervous system and certain regions of the central nervous system with respect to their high concentrations of acetlycholine (ACh), choline acetylase and specific (true, aceto-, or acetyl-) cholinesterase (ChE).

Subject headings: Central Nervous System/physiology; Cholinesterases

Publication year: 1954

Journal or book title: The Journal of Comparative Neurology

Volume: 100

Issue: 1

Pages: 211-235

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 329