Trait self-control and the avoidance of temptation

Author: Ent, Michael R.; Baumeister, Roy F.; Tice, Dianne M.

Description: High trait self-control has been traditionally described as a keen ability to resist temptation. The present research suggests that high trait self-control is linked to avoiding, rather than merely resisting, temptation. People high in trait self-control reported engaging in behaviors thought to minimize (or avoid) temptation to a greater extent than people low in trait self-control (Study 1). People high in trait self-control were more likely than those low in trait self-control to choose to work in a distraction-free environment rather than in a distracting, yet appealing, one (Studies 2 and 3).

Subject headings: Self-regulation; Temptation; Distraction

Publication year: 2015

Journal or book title: Personality and Individual Differences

Volume: 74

Pages: 12-15

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Serial number: 3339

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