Synthesis of Bisphenol-A over heteropoly compounds encapsulated into mesoporous molecular sieves

Author: Nowinska, Krystyna; Kaleta, Waldemar

Description: The 12-tungstophosphoric acid (HPW) and its insoluble salts containing either caesium or ammonium cations were encapsulated into channels of a MCM-41 molecular sieve and they were used as catalyst for the liquid phase synthesis of Bisphenol-A from phenol and acetone. For comparison, zeolites ZSM-5, H-Y and dealuminated H-DY have also been tested in this reaction. The CsHPW/MCM system appeared to be the most selective towards p,p’ isomer formation.

Subject headings: Bisphenol-A; Phenol; Acetone; Heteropoly acids; Mesoporous material

Publication year: 2000

Journal or book title: Applied Catalysis A: General

Volume: 203

Issue: 1

Pages: 91-100

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Serial number: 3342

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