Diels-Alder reactions of acyclic a-cyano a,B-alkenones: a new approach to highly substituted cyclohexene system

Author: Amancha, Prashanth K.; Lai, Yi-Chun; Chen, I. Chia; Liu, Hsing-Jang; Zhu, Jia-Liang

Description: The Diels-Alder reactions of a variety of acyclic a-cyano a,B-unsaturated ketones have been investigated. With the assistance of boron trichloride, these compounds were found to undergo the cycloaddition readily with dienes to give the corresponding adducts in good to high yields. In addition, some could be further subjected to the reductive alkylation reactions using lithium naphthalenide (LN) and an appropriate alkylating agent, thus allowing for the generation of highly substituted cyclohexenes with the replacement of the cyano group with an alkyl substituent.

Subject headings: Diels-Alder reactions; a-Cyano a,B-unsaturated ketones; Boron trichloride; Lithium naphthalenide; Reductive alkylation

Publication year: 2010

Journal or book title: Tetrahedron

Volume: 66

Issue: 4

Pages: 871-877

Find the full text: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0040402009018365

Find more like this one (cited by): https://scholar.google.com/scholar?cites=9691767843453993701&as_sdt=5,26&sciodt=0,26&hl=en

Serial number: 3343

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