Evaluating self and partner physical attractiveness

Author: Swami, V.; Furnham, A.; Georgiades, C.; Pang, L.

Description: This study used a novel questionnaire to examine ratings of self and partner physical attractiveness. Seventy-two men and 83 women estimated their own and their opposite-sex partner’s overall physical attractiveness and the attractiveness of various body parts and measures. They also answered six simple questions concerning physical attractiveness. Results showed significant gender differences in self-estimates of overall facial attractiveness and upper body features. In general, and regardless of gender, participants rated their opposite-sex partners as being significantly more attractive than themselves. In addition, the results showed that body weight and facial attractiveness were the best predictors of overall physical attractiveness. Implications of these results in terms of social biases are considered.

Subject headings: Adult; Beauty; Body Image; Body Weight; Face; Female; Gender Identity; Humans; Intelligence; Judgment; Male; Questionnaires; Self Concept; Sexual Partners/psychology

Publication year: 2007

Journal or book title: Body Image

Volume: 4

Issue: 1

Pages: 97-101

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