Relationship between inhibitor binding by chloroplasts and inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport

Author: Tischer, W.; Strotmann, H.

Description: The binding of radioactively labelled atrazin, metribuzin and phenmedipham by broken chloroplasts was studied. From the double-reciprocal plots (bound vs. free inhibitors) a high affinity binding reaction is graphically isolated which is related to the inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport. It is concluded that the specific binding sites correspond to the electron carrier molecules which are attacked by the inhibitors. The relative concentration of specific binding sites is 1 per 300-500 chlorophyll molecules. The binding of the labelled substances is competitively inhibited by each of the indicated unlabelled substances, by DCMU and by several pyridazinone derivatives. These results suggest that triazines, triazinones, pyridazinones, biscarbamates and phenylureas interfere with the same electron carrier of the photosynthetic electron transport chain, according to the same molecular mechanism.

Subject headings: Atrazine/metabolism/pharmacology; Binding Sites; Carbamates; Chloroplasts/drug effects/metabolism; Diuron/pharmacology; Electron Transport; Herbicides/metabolism/pharmacology; Kinetics; Mathematics; Photophosphorylation/drug effects; Plants; Triazines/metabolism/pharmacology

Publication year: 1977

Journal or book title: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta

Volume: 460

Issue: 1

Pages: 113-125

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