Human amygdala responsivity to masked fearful eye whites

Author: Whalen, Paul J.; Kagan, Jerome; Cook, Robert G.; Davis, F. Caroline; Kim, Hackjin; Polis, Sara; McLaren, Donald G.; Somerville, Leah H.; McLean, Ashly A.; Maxwell, Jeffrey S.; Johnstone, Tom

Description: The human amygdala has been shown to be activated robustly by fearful facial expressions in neuroimaging studies, even when expressions are presented with backward masking techniques that decrease the temporal availability of facial expression information and mitigate subjective awareness of their presence.

Subject headings: Adult; Amygdala; Facial Expression; Fear; Female; Happiness; Humans; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Male; Pattern Recognition; Visual; Perceptual Masking; Sclera; Brain

Publication year: 2004

Journal or book title: Science

Volume: 306

Issue: 5704

Pages: 2061

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Serial number: 3381

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