Ethical development of stem-cell-based interventions

Author: MacPherson, Amanda; Kimmelman, Jonathan

Description: The process of developing new and complex stem-cell-based therapeutics is incremental and requires decades of sustained collaboration among different stakeholders. In this Perspective, we address key ethical and policy challenges confronting the clinical translation of stem-cell-based interventions (SCBIs), including premature diffusion of SCBIs to clinical practice, assessment of risk in trials, obtaining valid informed consent for research participants, balanced and complete scientific reporting and public communications, regulation, and equitable access to treatment. We propose a way forward for translating these therapies with the above challenges in mind.

Subject headings: Clinical Trials as Topic; Ethics, Research; Health Care Costs; Humans; Informed Consent; Prospective Studies; Stem Cell Transplantation: Economics; Legislation & jurisprudence

Publication year: 2019

Journal or book title: Nature medicine

Volume: 25

Pages: 1037-1044

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