Effects of the availability of rewarding septal and hypothalamic stimulation on bar pressing for food under conditions of deprivation

Author: Routtenberg, A.; Lindy, J.

Description: 10 rats with electrodes aimed at medial forebrain bundle-posterior hypothalamus (MFB), and 4 rats with electrodes aimed at septal area were trained to press for food for 1 hr/day. Food was available only during this session. After stable weight levels were demonstrated, rewarding brain stimulation was made available during the 1-hr feeding session. All septal Ss and 4 hypothalamic Ss maintained their weight on this regimen. The other 6 hypothalamic Ss essentially ignored food, spending most of the session self-stimulating, and “self-starved.” Self-starving Ss had their electrodes extensively in MFB while surviving hypothalamic Ss had their electrodes in more lateral areas.

Subject headings: Animals; Cerebral Ventricles/physiology; Electric Stimulation; Hunger; Hypothalamus/physiology; Rats; Reinforcement (Psychology); Reward; Self Stimulation

Publication year: 1965

Journal or book title: Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology

Volume: 60

Issue: 2

Pages: 158-161

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