Setting the tone with the tune: A meta-analytic review of the effects of background music in retail settings

Author: Garlin, F.V.; Owen, K.

Description: Among the many in-store elements purported to impact patrons, background music is a leading feature of academic enquiry. Collectively, research examines a range of retail contexts, focuses on many different dimensions, and, uses different methods to explore the phenomena of background music in commercial settings. Therefore, conclusions are difficult on the extent to which the influences of background music on customer behavior are generalizable. The purpose of this study is to synthesize the results of extant research to identify common effects and the circumstances under which they differ. Our meta-analysis uses a sample size of 148, taken from 32 studies. A conservative approach to the analysis reveal small-to-moderate, yet quite robust effects in terms of background music and the dependents: value returns, behavior duration and affective response.

Subject headings: Background music; Consumer behavior; Retail; Meta-analysis

Publication year: 2006

Journal or book title: Journal of Business Research

Volume: 59

Issue: 6

Pages: 755-764

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Direct Connection: Turley, L. W., & Milliman, R. E. (2000). Atmospheric effects on shopping behavior: A review of the experimental evidence. Journal of Business Research, 49(2), 193-211. [Cited by]

Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 1068