Preliminary attempts to fertilize human oocytes matured in vitro

Author: Edwards, R.G.; Donahue, R.P.; Baramki, T.A.; Jones, H.W.J.

Description: Attempts were made to fertilize human oocytes after their maturation in culture. Initial attempts using washed spermatozoa showed that the great majority of eggs were unfertilized and that the spermatozoa failed to traverse the zona pellucida, probably because of lack of capacitation. Therefore, attempts were made to capacitate human spermatozoa by placing them in the reproductive tract of a rabbit, culturing them with pieces of human endosalpinx, taking them from cervical mucus, or transferring them with oocytes into the Fallopian tubes of estrous rabbits or hormonally primed monkeys. The incidence of fertilization remained very low after these treatment. Very few of the transferred human eggs were recovered from the monkeys.

Subject headings: Animals; Culture Techniques; Female; Fertilization; Haplorhini; Humans; Male; Microscopy, Phase-Contrast; Ovum; Rabbits; Spermatozoa

Publication year: 1966

Journal or book title: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Volume: 96

Issue: 2

Pages: 192-200

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 1153