Facial recognition technology in schools: critical questions and concerns

Author: Andrejevic, Mark; Selwyn, Neil

Description: Facial recognition technology is now being introduced across various aspects of public life. This includes the burgeoning integration of facial recognition and facial detection into compulsory schooling to address issues such as campus security, automated registration and student emotion detection. So far, these technologies have largely been seen as routine additions to school systems with already extensive cultures of monitoring and surveillance. While critical commentators are beginning to question the pedagogical limitations of facially driven learning, this article contends that school-based facial recognition presents a number of other social challenges and concerns that merit specific attention. This includes the likelihood of facial recognition technology altering the nature of schools and schooling along divisive, authoritarian and oppressive lines. Against this background, the article considers whether or not a valid case can ever be made for allowing this form of technology in schools.

Subject headings: Biometrics; Facial recognition; Smart cameras; Schools; Surveillance

Publication year: 2020

Journal or book title: Learning, Media and Technology

Volume: 45

Issue: 2

Pages: 115-128

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Serial number: 3565

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