A near-infrared fluorescent probe for rapid detection of hydrogen peroxide in living cells

Author: Zhang, X.; Zhang, L.; Liu, Y.; Bao, B.; Zang, Y.; Li, J.; Lu, W.

Description: A new near-infrared and colorimetric fluorescent molecular probe was developed for rapid detection of H2O2. The near-infrared fluorescence OFF–ON switch is triggered by transformation of phenylboronic acid unit to phenol in the presence of H2O2. No quinone methides are released in this process, which is preferable for in vivo studies. In addition, probe 1 at low concentration exhibits high quality optical imaging during a short period in in vitro cell study.

Subject Headings: Probe; Hydrogen peroxide; Near-infrared; ROS

Publication year: 2015

Journal or book title: Tetrahedron

Volume: 71

Issue: 29

Pages: 4842-4845

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