Are Existing Battery Electric Vehicles Adoption Studies Able to Inform Policy? A Review for Policymakers

Author: Song, R.; Potoglou, D.

Description: Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles provides a rare historic opportunity for reducing the dependence on fossil fuel and decarbonising road networks in the field of transport. Many countries have introduced various policy packages on both national and local levels to encourage electric vehicle adoption, but their market shares remain low. For better understanding the reasons behind this evidence, exploring the determinants that influence consumers’ adoption intentions is significant. Previous literature reviews have made clear and elaborated syntheses of influential factors; however, a summary of how evidence can be translated into policy through these factors is lacking. In response, this paper synthesizes the main policies of various countries, summarizes the previous research results, and forms corresponding policy tools, which can provide a reference to policymakers and guide the policy-making process.

Subject headings: Potential consumers; adoption intentions; electric vehicles; policymakers

Publication year: 2020

Journal or book title: Sustainability

Volume: 12

Issue: 16

Pages: 6494

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 3009