Responses of individual plants to harvesting

Author: Jameson, D.A.

Description: This paper considers physiological and morphological responses of
individual plants to grazing. Indirect effects of grazing, e.g., changes
in mulch, soil structure and microclimate, have not been considered,
and effects of grazing on plant communities are mentioned only briefly.
To keep literature citations to a reasonable number, review articles,
when available, have been consulted. The dates of the latest review
articles vary from 1948 in some topics to 1961 in others. Older litera-
ture has often been included when it seemed particularly important,
but complete coverage of older literature was not attempted

Subject headings: Plants, Grasses, Plant roots, Plant growth, Root growth, Leaves, Defoliation, Grazing, Auxins, Nitrogen

Publication year: 1963

Journal or book title: The Botanical Review

Volume: 29

Issue: 4

Pages: 532-594

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 1862