An Evaluation of Factors Influencing the Academic Self-concept, Self-esteem and Academic Stress for Direct and Re-entry Students in Higher Education

Author: Michie, F.; Glachan, M.; Bray, D.

Description: Establishments of Higher Education (HE) are generally recruiting a more diverse student population. This research has specifically examined differences in the undergraduate student experience of direct and re-entry students. One hundred and twelve undergraduate direct and re-entry students took part in the study. A six-part questionnaire was used to investigate the impact of age, gender, past experiences of school and motivations for participating in HE on current global self-esteem, academic self-concept and academic stress. Re-entry students reported the most negative experiences of school overall and there was also evidence to suggest that females experienced more negative academic self-concept overall than males. If the reason to participate in HE was for career goals, academic stress levels were the highest. W hen the reason to participate was for cognitive interest, academic self-concept was positive and these individuals reported the most satisfaction with HE overall. Multiple regression analysis revealed a complex interrelationship of variables relating to academic self-concept, self-esteem and academic stress. These findings suggest that the different experiences of students in HE cannot be simply explained by age stratification.

Subject headings: Higher education; Student population; Re-entry students

Publication year: 2001

Journal or book title: Educational Psychology

Volume: 21

Issue: 4

Pages: 455-472

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 2156