Revenge of the phages: defeating bacterial defences

Author: Samson, J.E.; Magadan, A.H.; Sabri, M.; Moineau, S.

Description: Bacteria and their viral predators (bacteriophages) are locked in a constant battle. In order to proliferate in phage-rich environments, bacteria have an impressive arsenal of defence mechanisms, and in response, phages have evolved counter-strategies to evade these antiviral systems. In this Review, we describe the various tactics that are used by phages to overcome bacterial resistance mechanisms, including adsorption inhibition, restriction-modification, CRISPR-Cas (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats-CRISPR-associated proteins) systems and abortive infection. Furthermore, we consider how these observations have enhanced our knowledge of phage biology, evolution and phage-host interactions.

Subject headings: Bacteria/genetics/virology; Bacterial Proteins/genetics; Bacteriophages/genetics/physiology; Evolution, Molecular; Genome, Viral; Mutation; Receptors, Virus/metabolism; Virus Replication

Subject headings:

Publication year: 2013

Journal or book title: Nature Reviews. Microbiology

Volume: 11

Issue: 10

Pages: 675-687

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 2191