Effect of crude oil on gas exchange functions of Juncus roemerianus and Spartina alterniflora

Author: Pezeshki, S.R.; Laune, R.D.

Description: The effect of crude oil on gas exchange functions of Juncus roemerianus and Spartina alterniflora, two important U.S. Gulf Coast plant species, were examined. Plants were exposed to petroleum hydrocarbons (Mexican Sour type) mixed with water at 4.4 mL L-1 (2 L m-2). Coating entire leaf with oil resulted in cessation of photosynthetic activity. Partial leaf exposure to oil resulted in net photosynthesis decrease in both species shortly after exposure. Net photosynthesis remained within 71 and 94% of control plants in J. roemerianus during the first four weeks of the experiment. In S. alterniflora, photosynthetic rates averaged between 53 to 80% of control plants during the same period. Four weeks following the partial oiling, net photosynthesis began to improve in both species. Partial oil coverage of leaves of both species resulted in reduction in normal photosynthetic activity with no lethal effects. By the end of the laboratory study, there was no significant reduction in production of new shoots or the overall growth of either species.

Subject headings: Crude oil; Photosynthetic activity; Plants; Petroleum; Photosynthesis

Publication year: 1993

Journal or book title: Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

Volume: 68

Issue: 3-4

Pages: 461-468

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