The Effect of Child Sexual Abuse on Social, Interpersonal and Sexual Function in Adult Life

Author: Mullen, P.E.; Martin, J.L.; Anderson, J.C.; Romans, S.E.; Herbison, G.P.

Description: Background
The association was examined between reporting child sexual abuse (CSA) and a range of social, interpersonal and sexual difficulties in adult life.

A random sample of 2250 women were posted a questionnaire exploring a range of abuse experiences. All 248 reporting CSA were invited for interview, together with an equal number of controls. At interview a detailed inquiry was made into the CSA and into current interpersonal, social and sexual function.

Significant associations emerged between reporting CSA and a decline in socioeconomic status, increased sexual problems, and the disruption of intimate relationships by difficulties with trust as well as a propensity to perceive their partners as uncaring and overcontrolling. CSA was more common in those from disturbed and disrupted families and in those who also reported physical and emotional abuse. This explained part, but not all, of the apparent association between CSA and negative outcomes.

Those reporting CSA are more likely to suffer social, interpersonal and sexual difficulties in adult life.

Subject Headings: Child; Sexual Abuse; Interpersonal

Subject headings:

Publication year: 1994

Journal or book title: British Journal of Psychiatry

Volume: 165

Issue: 01

Pages: 35-47

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