A simple model of crop loss by weed competition from early observations on relative leaf area of the weeds

Author: Kropff, M.J.; Spitters, C.J.T.

Description: A new simple empirical model for early prediction of crop losses by weed competition was introduced. This model relates yield loss to relative leaf area of the weeds shortly after crop emergence using the relative damage coefficient q as the single model parameter. The model is derived from the hyperbolic yield density relationship and therefore accounts for the effects of weed density. It is shown that the model also accounts for the effect of different relative times of weed emergence. A strong advantage of the approach is that it can be used when weeds emerge in separate flushes.

The regression model described experimental data on suga-beet – lambsquarters (Beta vulgaris L. –Chenopodium album L.) and maize-barnyard grass (Zea mays L. –Echinochloa crus-galli L.) competition precisely. The model describes a single relationship between crop yield loss and relative leaf area of the weeds over a wide range of weed densities and relative times of weed emergence. Possibilities for scientific and practical application of the model are discussed.

Subject headings: Crop loss; Relative leaf area; Weed competition

Publication year: 1991

Journal or book title: Weed Research

Volume: 31

Issue: 2

Pages: 97-105

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