Ring-Closing Metathesis and Related Processes in Organic Synthesis

Author: Grubbs, R.H.; Miller, S.J.; Fu, G.C.

Description: Carbon-carbon bond forming reactions remain among the most important for the synthesis of organic structures. The transition metal alkylidene-catalyzed olefin metathesis reaction (eq 1) and the related transition metal alkylidene-mediated carbonyl olefination reaction (eq 2) are two such processes. Historically, olefin metathesis has been studied extensively both from the mechanistic standpoint and in the context of polymer synthesis. In contrast, its application to the synthesis of complex organic molecules and natural products has been limited. The related reaction, transition metal-mediated carbonyl olefination, is not as extensively studied mechanistically nor in synthetic applications. Among the reasons for this
gap in methodology has been the incompatibility of traditional catalysts with the polar functional groups
typically encountered in organic synthesis.

Subject Headings: Ring-closing Metathesis; Organic synthesis

Subject headings:

Publication year: 1995

Journal or book title: Accounts of Chemical Research

Volume: 28

Issue: 11

Pages: 446-452

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