Dormitory Density and Helping Behavior

Author: Bickman, L.; Teger, A.; Gabriele, T.; McLaughlin, C.; Berger, M.; Sunaday, E.

Description: Investigated was the relationship between dormitory density and attitudes of residents. Students in higher-density dormitories were less trusting, cooperative and friendly than students in lower-density dormitories. The implications of these results for planners and architects were discussed.

Subject headings: Antisocial Behavior; Behavior Patterns; College Housing; College Students; Community Size; Dormitories; Environment; Residential Patterns; Social Behavior; Social Environment

Subject headings:

Publication year: 1973

Journal or book title: Environment and Behavior

Volume: 5

Issue: 4

Pages: 465-490

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 2280