Rat insulin genes: construction of plasmids containing the coding sequences

Author: Ullrich, A.; Shine, J.; Chirgwin, J.; Pictet, R.; Tischer, E.; Rutter, W.J.; Goodman, H.M.

Description: Recombinant bacterial plasmids have been constructed that contain complementary DNA prepared from rat islets of Langerhans messenger RNA. Three plasmids contain cloned sequences representing the complete coding region of rat proinsulin I, part of the preproinsulin I prepeptide, and the untranslated 3′ terminal region of the mRNA. A fourth plasmid contains sequences derived from the A chain region of rat preproinsulin II.

Subject headings: Animals; Base Sequence; Codon; DNA/isolation & purification; DNA Restriction Enzymes/metabolism; DNA, Bacterial/analysis/metabolism; DNA, Recombinant/analysis/metabolism; Escherichia coli; Extrachromosomal Inheritance; Genes; Islets of Langerhans/analysis; Plasmids; Proinsulin/biosynthesis; Protein Precursors/biosynthesis; RNA, Messenger/isolation & purification; Rats; Transformation, Genetic

Publication year: 1977

Journal or book title: Science

Volume: 196

Issue: 4296

Pages: 1313-1319

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