How packaging affects the product preferences of children and the buyer behaviour of their parents in the food industry

Author: Ogba, I.-E.; Johnson, R.

Description: Health is becoming an increasingly important issue in the UK as well as the rest of Europe. Emphasis on the importance of healthy eating is ongoing for many reasons, including the growing concern about childhood obesity resulting in the ban of advertising of unhealthy foods to children in the UK in April 2007. However, although legislation has been placed upon the advertising of unhealthy food products, no such restrictions have been placed on the packaging of children’s foods despite the influence of packaging on consumer buyer decisions. This paper aims to investigate the effect of packaging on children’s product preferences and its ability to influence parents’ buyer decision in-store.

Subject headings: Food packaging; Parents; Consumer behaviour; Decision making; United Kingdom; Children (age groups)

Publication year: 2010

Journal or book title: Young Consumers

Volume: 11

Issue: 1

Pages: 77-89

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 2353