Memory and Consciousness

Author: Tulving, E.

Description: Describes laboratory and clinical attempts to relate different memory systems (procedural, semantic, and episodic) to corresponding varieties of consciousness (anoetic, noetic, and autonoetic). The case of a young adult male amnesic patient is described. The S suffered a closed head injury that left him without autonoetic consciousness. This deficit is manifested in his amnesia for personal events and his impaired awareness of subjective time. Two simple experiments investigated recall and recognition by a total of 89 normal undergraduates to further examine autonoetic consciousness as the necessary correlate of episodic memory. Results show that the distinction between knowing and remembering previous occurrences of events is meaningful to people, that people can make corresponding judgments about their memory performance, and that these judgments vary systematically with the conditions under which retrieved information takes place.

Subject Headings: Memory; Consciousness; Memory systems; Recall; Recognition

Publication year: 1985

Journal or book title: Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne

Volume: 26

Issue: 1

Pages: 1-12

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 2464