A primer to scaffolded DNA origami

Author: Castro, C.E.; Kilchherr, F.; Kim, D.-N.; Shiao, E.L.; Wauer, T.; Wortmann, P.; Bathe, M.; Dietz, H.

Description: Molecular self-assembly with scaffolded DNA origami enables building custom-shaped nanometer-scale objects with molecular weights in the megadalton regime. Here we provide a practical guide for design and assembly of scaffolded DNA origami objects. We also introduce a computational tool for predicting the structure of DNA origami objects and provide information on the conditions under which DNA origami objects can be expected to maintain their structure.

Subject Headings: Computer-Aided Design; DNA/chemistry/ultrastructure; DNA Primers/chemistry; Nanoparticles/chemistry/ultrastructure; Nucleic Acid Conformation

Keywords: A primer to scaffolded DNA origami

Publication year: 2011

Journal or book title: Nature Methods

Volume: 8

Issue: 3

Pages: 221-229

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