Not in Man’s Image: Lesbians and the Cultural Oppression of Body Image

Author: Dworkin, S.H.

Description: Explores how the cultural oppression of “looksism,” the societal belief in one ideal body type proposed by S. H. Dworkin and B. A. Kerr, has affected lesbians. The issues of socialization of body image for women and lesbians and fat politics are discussed. It is considered crucial when working with a lesbian, or any woman with body image problems, that therapists be clear about their own issues, beliefs, and values regarding weight. It is concluded that the lesbian feminist community is beginning to attack the patriarchal oppression of women through body image.

Subject headings: Lesbians; Body image; Women; Weight

Publication year: 1989

Journal or book title: Women & Therapy

Volume: 8

Issue: 1-2

Pages: 27-39

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Type: Journal Article

Serial number: 3041