Soil microbiomes and climate change

Author: Jansson, Janet K.; Hofmockel, Kirsten S.

Description: The soil microbiome governs biogeochemical cycling of macronutrients, micronutrients and other elements vital for the growth of plants and animal life. Understanding and predicting the impact of climate change on soil microbiomes and the ecosystem services they provide present a grand challenge and major opportunity as we direct our research efforts towards one of the most pressing problems facing our planet. In this Review, we explore the current state of knowledge about the impacts of climate change on soil microorganisms in different climate-sensitive soil ecosystems, as well as potential ways that soil microorganisms can be harnessed to help mitigate the negative consequences of climate change.

Subject headings: Climate Change; Metagenome; Microbiota; Radiation effects; Soil Microbiology; Microbiome; Biogeochemical cycling

Publication year: 2020

Journal or book title: Nature reviews. Microbiology

Volume: 18

Pages: 35-46

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