Histones, HMG, HU, IHF: Meme combat

Oberto, J., Drlica, K., Rouviere-Yaniv, J. (1994)

Biochimie, 76(10-11), 901-908

In this review article, we present a compilation of the proteins homologous to Escherichia coli HU: the HU-like family. Two of these, HU and IHF from E coli have been extensively characterized genetically and biochemically. Due to their DNA binding activities, these proteins confer a condensed shape to the chromosome and regulate the transcription of selected sets of its genes. The parallel between the dual function of the HU-like proteins and the roles described for eukaryotic histone and HMG proteins is striking, especially in the view that they are evolutionary unrelated.

Subject headings: amino acid sequence; bacterial proteins/chemistry; DNA-binding proteins/chemistry; high mobility group proteins/chemistry; histones/chemistry; integration host factors; molecular sequence data; sequence homology, amino acid; transcription factors/chemistry; escherichia coli

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