Effects of elevated carbon dioxide and soil nitrogen on growth of two leafy Brassica vegetables

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Thomson, G., Mollah, M., Partington, D., Jones, R., Argall, R., Tregenza, J., Fitzgerald, G. (2013)

New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science, 41(2), 69-77

Elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) increases the instantaneous rate of photosynthesis in C3 plants. With ample nutrients and water, this so-called “CO2 fertilization effect” generally leads to improved growth and production of many plant species that humans use as food. To determine whether increasing CO2 could be beneficial to growth and yield of leafy Brassica vegetables, trials were established in a Free Air CO2 Enrichment facility at Horsham, Australia using projected atmospheric CO2 concentrations for the year 2050. The experiment measured the interacting effects of CO2 (ambient CO2 366 umol/mol, elevated CO2 562 umol/mol), nitrogen (low/high) and Brassica rapa cultivars (× 2) on shoot growth under south-eastern Australian conditions. For cultivars “Karate” and “Chop Suey”, significant interaction between elevated CO2 and a high nitrogen treatment (196 kg/ha) increased the fresh weights of shoots.

Subject headings: AGFACE; Brassica rapa; Elevated carbon dioxide; CO2; Climate change; FACE; Growth; Nitrogen; Photosynthesis

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