Studies on fumarase. 4. The effects of inhibitors on fumarase activity

Author: Massey, V.

Description: In recent years much use has been made of competitive inhibitors as tools for investigating the mode of action of enzymes. However, there has been little systematic study of the variation of inhibition with such factors as temperature and pH. Such a study might be expected to throw valuable light on the mechanism of a particular enzymic reaction, since it would be expected to yield information about the thermodynamics of the process and, from the recent theory of Dixon (1953), about the changes in electrical charge accompanying
both activation and inhibition. In this paper is described the result of such an investigation with fumarase.

Subject headings: Fumarate Hydratase; Hydro-Lyases; Hydrogen-Ion Concentration; Temperature

Publication year: 1953

Journal or book title: The Biochemical Journal

Volume: 55

Issue: 1

Pages: 172-177

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Serial number: 3822

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