Illuminating Platinum Transportation while Maximizing Therapeutic Efficacy by Gold Nanoclusters via Simultaneous Near-Infrared-I/II Imaging and Glutathione Scavenging

Author: Yang, Yuanyuan; Yu, Yingjie; Chen, Hao; Meng, Xiangxi; Ma, Wen; Yu, Meng; Li, Ziyuan; Li, Changhui; Liu, Haile; Zhang, Xiaodong; Xiao, Haihua; Yu, Zhiqiang

Description: Killing tumor cells with a visualized system is a promising strategy in tumor therapy to achieve minimal side effects and high efficiency. Herein, a theranostic nanomedicine (AuNCs-Pt) is developed based on nanocarrier gold nanoclusters (AuNCs) with bifunctions of both NIR-I/NIR-II imaging and glutathione-scavenging abilities. AuNCs-Pt possesses NIR-II imaging capability on a fatal high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) model in the deep abdomen, thus facilitating it to be a promising tool for monitoring platinum transportation. Meanwhile, AuNCs-Pt depletes intracellular glutathione to minimize platinum detoxification, effectively maximizing the chemotherapeutic efficacy of platinum. AuNCs-Pt is used to eradicate the tumor burden in this study on a HGSOC model and a patient-derived tumor xenograft model of hepatocellular carcinoma, suggesting great potential for clinical visualized therapy and platinum drug sensitization.

Subject headings: Glutathione; Gold; Humans; Liver Neoplasms; Metal Nanoparticles; Platinum; Theranostic Nanomedicine; Glutathione scavenging; Patient-derived xenograft model; Second near-infrared bioimaging; Theranostics; Visualized tumor therapy

Publication year: 2020

Journal or book title: ACS nano

Volume: 14

Issue: 10

Pages: 13536-13547

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