Changing Times: Findings From the First Longitudinal Study of Later High School Start Times

Author: Wahistrom, Kyla

Description: In the early 1990s, medical research found that teenagers have biologically different sleep and wake patterns than the preadolescent or adult population. On the basis of that information, in 1997 the seven comprehensive high schools in the Minneapolis Public School District shifted the school start time from 7:15 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. This article examines that change, finding significant benefits such as improved attendance and enrollment rates, less sleeping in class, and less student-reported depression. Policy implications are briefly discussed, acknowledging this to be a highly charged issue in school districts across the United States.

Subject headings: Teenagers; Sleep; Wake: Patterns; School start time; Benefits

Publication year: 2002

Journal or book title: NASSP Bulletin

Volume: 86

Issue: 633

Pages: 3-21

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Serial number: 3897