Biology in Bloom: A Primer on the Arabidopsis thaliana Model System

Author: Woodward, Andrew W.; Bartel, Bonnie

Description: Arabidopsis thaliana could have easily escaped human scrutiny. Instead, Arabidopsis has become the most widely studied plant in modern biology despite its absence from the dinner table. Pairing diminutive stature and genome with prodigious resources and tools, Arabidopsis offers a window into the molecular, cellular, and developmental mechanisms underlying life as a multicellular photoautotroph. Many basic discoveries made using this plant have spawned new research areas, even beyond the verdant fields of plant biology. With a suite of resources and tools unmatched among plants and rivaling other model systems, Arabidopsis research continues to offer novel insights and deepen our understanding of fundamental biological processes.

Subject headings: Animals; Arabidopsis; Biology; Genetic Association Studies; Humans; Models, Biological; Molecular Biology, Research; Signal Transduction; Model organism; Reference plant

Publication year: 2018

Journal or book title: Genetics

Volume: 208

Issue: 4

Pages: 1337-1349

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