Database Help

*Currently, Science Primary Literature is being moved from one site/software (Dadabik) to another (WordPress). New records are being added to the WordPress site; existing records will remain on the Dadabik site until all of them have been transferred.*

Science Primary Literature is composed of two files:

*Student Database — provides access to journal articles, book chapters, and a few images that have been found useful by college and university undergraduate science students. 

The publications included in the Student Database have been both:

  • used and cited by multiple students in papers, labs, experiments, projects, etc.
  • highly cited in the scientific literature

*Featured Database — provides access to journal articles that have been identified through the Strategian Science blog.

Each record in the WordPress site indicates from which database that item comes.

Searching the database:

*The WordPress site can be searched from a single box on the home page.

Terms and phrases typed into that box are combined in a Boolean AND relationship, and the search results are listed by relevancy.

Click the image on the left of the search box to limit searches to exact matches only, search in title, or search in content. Search in title and search in content are activated by default.

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